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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sparkol Videoscribe v2.1 beta

VideoScribe 2.1 beta is here!

By Ffion
4 November 2014

VideoScribe 2.1 beta is here and it’s stuffed with new features like charts and data, animated GIFs and sound effects – plus hundreds of new images and new hands. Read on to find out how to upgrade…

Version 2.1 includes many of the features requested in the VideoScribe Community – so a massive thank you to everyone that shared their ideas with us.
New features

Animated GIFs
Charts and data
Sound effects
400 new images
Rulers and guides
…and much more
VideoScribe 2.1 beta release notes

VideoScribe 2.1 beta was released on 4 November 2014. You’ll find big improvements to the colour palette, move-in function and general stability. New features include animated GIFs, charts and data, sound effects, rulers and guides, plus hundreds of new assets.

We’re excited to announce the release of VideoScribe 2.1 beta – available to all Pro users from the 4 November. Upgrading is as simple as logging into your Sparkol account for the download link.

New features
Animated GIFs

The new GIF feature is designed to help you make your scribes even more appealing. Simply choose a GIF from the GIFs folder in the image library or import your own to jazz up a scribe.

You can adjust the length of each GIF’s loop and even have several running at once.

Charts and data

This feature lets you make unique, attractive charts for your scribe. Simply click the charts and data icon, enter your data, choose from the three chart types – pie, bar or line – and choose your colour scheme.

Copy and paste your data directly from Microsoft Excel and VideoScribe automatically formats it into a graph for you.

Sound effects

The new sound effects feature in 2.1 lets you attach sound effects to individual elements in your scribe.

Choose from VideoScribe’s library of useful sound effects or upload your own to bring extra energy to a scribe.

Rulers and Guides

The ruler along the top and sides of the canvas will help you line up your elements better. Drag the ruler down or across to create guide lines for even more precise placement.
New controls:

Double-click on an element to bring up its properties
Hold down the shift key and drag an element to move it quickly

Expanded colour palette

A more diverse range of colours has been made available for your text and image silhouettes in the colour picker.

Better interaction with file explorer/ finder

Version 2.1 remembers the last place you exported a scribe to, so you won’t have to specify the location all over again.

Stability improvements

VideoScribe no longer crashes when you try to open a scribe already on the project screen.

Improved move-in direction

The move-in function now forces images to move along their axis, instead of moving from the centre-edge of canvas.

Better audio playback in preview

The music now pauses and resumes correctly throughout the scribe playback.

New Assets:

Over 400 new people images

VideoScribe 2.1 welcomes 47 new characters, with 10 poses of each. They’re high-quality and consistently styled, with a mixture of old and young, business and casual.
Over 200 GIFs in the image library

Excited by the GIFs feature? Get started straight away with a brand-new preloaded image folder over 200 animated GIFs.

13 New sets of hands

Choose from 13 new hand styles with a mix of old and young, male and female and different skin tones. (UNcheck download accelerator)

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