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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cleaning up posts imported to WordPress from Blogger

Cleaning up posts imported to WordPress from Blogger

If you are importing anything from your Blogger or other blogging platform to WordPress, the formatting you had on your original posts will not always translate. You will have to replace cut tags, fix the formatting, and in some cases re-embed videos and replace images that did not carry over to the new blog. You will also have to do some extensive proofreading of your posts. The following are some simple techniques to correct any problems you find.

Get rid of any code from Blogger
Cut tags and other code from Blogger will not translate to your WordPress blog. If you're on the visual tab, the cut tag will appear as a tiny anchor. You can get rid of it by back spacing or deleting it. The other code will be a footer icon. This will appear as a broken image icon that can be deleted by clicking on it and selecting the delete option. Replace the blogger cut tag with the WordPress cut tag.

Replace your media
Videos and images you embedded or uploaded to Blogger will not import to WordPress. (Images being hosted on Photobucket or elsewhere will carry over though.) If you created video or image posts, you will need to replace the content. You should also make sure that any affiliate linked images are still functioning correctly.

Reformat your paragraphs
There are two ways this can be done. (You will probably have to use both of them interchangeably.) For the first method, simply got to the 'visual' tab and select your content, then click on the drop down menu to the left and select 'paragraph.' This will turn everything enclosed by a 'div' tag into a paragraph. Click the update button and then preview to see if your paragraphs have been fixed.
If this does not work, you will have to do this manually. Switch to the 'text' tab. You should see your paragraphs enclosed in <div> tags. Change the <div> into paragraph <p> tags.

 (Don't worry about the 'style' or 'span' elements, just switch out the <div> for <p>. If you see a 'class' element like this: class='MsoNormal' delete it. It's left over code from a Word document, and doesn't need to be there.

Other things you will need to do are correcting words that have run together, and typos that you might have missed when you posted them originally. You will also want to sure that any images are aligned and spaced correctly in relation to your text. Depending on how many posts you had on your original blog, this can be time consuming, so make sure you have some time set aside before starting on this project.

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