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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Automated Blog Content With WordPress Autoblog Plugin Tools

Automated Blog Content With WordPress Autoblog Plugin Tools 

An autoblog plugin can save you tons of time spent in updating work, time you can spend doing more productive and interesting jobs, like building more blog sites.Here's the problem...Problems arise when bloggers who are also marketers over rely on autoblog RSS feeds to take care of all their blogging and marketing problems.

But good blogs are not just about providing hundreds of pages of content.Is the content actually any good? Is it well written? Is it interesting, informative, entertaining, moving, unusual? Those are the things that readers look for.Would you read a newspaper with nothing but ads?You wouldn't, nor would anyone else.

But if that was all it tool to create a newspaper, we'd all be in the newspaper business!Similarly, it's easy to create hundreds of "made for AdSense" sites, with some auto posted articles in amongst the ads. But readers are not attracted to such sites, and, more and more, neither are the search engines.So, to win in the blogging AND the autoblogging game, the key is to focus on user experience.

Readers will love you, and so will the search engines.So, how do we do this?The answer is not hard to find. Find the happy medium for your readership and for the search engines, and you have years of happy (auto) blogging ahead of you! 

There are several WordPress auto post and autoblogging plugin software tools that have recently emerged which allows internet marketers to put their content building on autopilot. These products are great for creating content rich blogs for various niches that can be targeted specifically at a group of keywords.These products will have a significant impact for internet marketers that decide to pursue this strategy.

Using these products you can easily put up 2 or more new blogs per day and build an extensive network of highly keyword relevant niche market websites. And once they are set up, there is absolutely nothing else you need to do.Most of the WordPress auto post and autoblogging plugin software tools provide ability to manage content from multiple content and monetization sources.

So after setting up the overall theme and contact template for a website, and input your keywords to target, these tools will pump out new content with fully populated content and monetization pages on a schedule you define.So every day, multiple times per day, or once per week, you will have new articles posted to your blog.

Combine that with other automated tools like social bookmarking submissions, pings to RSS networks, blog pings, etc. and it really is a 100% hands off business.There are several options for these tools, I am giving a high level overview for the following:Autoblogged - Very nice product, has good content options, but limited monetization options.

Low cost, single license cost for $59.Mage - The cadillac of the industry, very rich content options, but comes with a very high price tag of around $1000.WP Robot - New player, innovative a la carte pricing model allows picking only the content modules you want. Great long term opportunity at a moderate price - $165 will get you unlimited license for all modules, you can easily cut this cost to less than $100 depending on modules you choose.

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