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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How To Be Productive As A Blogger

How To Be Productive As A Blogger

If you are a blogger, you are likely tickled to have found work that you are in control of. For once, you do not have a boss who is threatening to cut your hours if you do not work fast enough. Instead, you are your own boss. You get to work at your own pace. You can also keep your own hours and work wherever you like.

 You normally write and publish your articles at home, because that is where you feel the most comfortable. The sights, sounds, and smells of home are familiar and comforting to you. The problem with working at home, however, is that there are many things that can get in your way and pull you away from your writing.

The television sits there, begging you to watch the shows that you love. The refrigerator stands in the kitchen nearby, holding many tasty treats and tempting you to snack rather than work. How can you accomplish your goals of publishing more articles and earning more money from your blog and still manage to save your waistline? Answer: leave your house, and go somewhere else.

 At the beach, for example, you might see people surfing. The surfers could inspire ideas about articles on the importance of being active. In these articles, you could tell your readers that physical activity will improve their mood, help them to sleep better, and help them to watch their weight. The beach is not the only place that might inspire article ideas, however. You might also go to the pet store.

 There, you might get an idea to write an article on the benefits of having a dog. In your article, you could write that a dog provides companionship and protection, and if a person can afford a pet, a dog is a good choice. Once he decides which breed of dog is right for him, he can then bring it home and introduce it to the rest of the family.

 Once you have your ideas, do not let them go to waste. Write some articles, and submit them for publication. Then you can go home, fix a cup of hot cocoa, return to your television shows, such as "The King of Queens" and "Everybody Loves Raymond", and imagine how wonderful your life will be when you have earned more money. It is possible to work at home. It just requires some discipline.

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